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​**Best App of Xiamen international game contest**

This is a game in which you can enjoy being in time with the rhythm together with a boy called Shunei who loves music, dancing and his pet dog Sherry.

It is a game that combines whack-a-mole with a rhythm game, and it is a rhythm game unlike any that have been seen before.

By tapping and flicking on various characters who appear in the windows of a building with the right timing, you can have an experience as if you are playing music with your fingertips.

As you progress through the stages, the gameplay also steadily increases and the feeling of the world also expands. Experience the best musical game fully immersed in the world of B&D, with choice graphics and music to the end.




This game has a particular visual style that has not yet seen before. Using modern art as scenery, it produces visuals with an unconventional atmosphere.

It is an amalgamation of modern art and puzzle games.

Beautiful visuals and beautiful modern art pull the player into a mysterious space.


A boy wakes up in a mysterious space and wanders while chasing an illusion of the girl he loves. Is this mysterious space... a dream? Or reality?

As the player, guide the boy, who by himself can only head straight ahead, to a "fateful reunion."

This a love story until the boy can meet the girl again.

Come what may, their love is for eternity.

We believe that games are a comprehensive art in which

you can see, hear, touch, and feel. 

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